Glocalization by Cynara

March 8, 2010

Japan is a difficult country to sort of compare to China, even in this sense, but I have also seen similar influences from Japan, except that Japan is not communist and actually has a booming technological economy.

Tata Young reminds me precisely of Utada Hikaru:

Utada Hikaru is of Japanese descent, but she was born in America and so she knows both English and Japanese. I think you would also agree that she is a pop culture icon much in the same way that Tata Young is. Her big debut in the states, though, was through a different medium: video games. Tetsuya Nomura who produced the Kingdom Hearts series by Square-Enix, featured Utada Hikaru’s songs in the beginning and end sequences of the two major games that have come out (Chain of Memories does not count!):

Here is an interview done on Utada’s work with the Kingdom Hearts song. Click here!

I don’t suppose anyone’s surprised Disney doesn’t pay but….she’s a pop artist. Kingdom Hearts launched most Americans interest into her music. That would have been a GIANT boon. I guess you can’t blame, but she still got a helluva lot of money from the deal, even if indirectly. I thought that was part of what promotion was all about.

The interviewer in this video actually asks Utada what she changes to adjust to the American market: