Final Reflection: Global Media

March 17, 2010

Global Media Studies was one of my better classes this quarter and the reading material was certainly a notch above some of my World Literature texts. I actually used what I learned in Global Media studies for a final paper in one of my classes, so it definitely helped to have a better understanding of certain vocabulary words such as: globalization, cultural imperialism, and glocalization.

I cannot say I am a terribly big fan of blogs. The stuff I have even heard about them has not been all that bad, but I think my usual distrust of blogs is that they’re little more than a way for the Average Joe to state his public opinion on certain issues, without always properly researching them before his views are already published for the whole world to see. I have heard, though, that there are some bloggers that might possibly be even more researched than regular journalists with their constant surfing of the Internet. Which is to be admired since they’re very likely not getting paid for doing this.

There is one thing that can be said for writing your opinion down, though. It gives you time to read it over again and re-analyze it in different ways, which is what I was certain these blog posts were meant to do. It led me to think of different ways I could apply many of the concepts we learned in particular to video games, since it is the media that I am attempting to specialize in. Also, being given the opportunity to read the other students’ blogs led me to think in ways I hadn’t previously covered in my own blogs and so expand my understanding of the issues at hand.

I think probably the most valuable thing I took from this class was the way media has adapted to local cultures to continue its spread across the globe. I was, also, initially surprised that foreign markets tended to prefer their own local fair since that seemed to go against what I had seen in Austria and Germany. Yes, there were local programs but there was a generous helping of American shows. I have a German friend whose favorite show is House.

I think some of my best work are in my later posts, particularly that of my Global Television comment, which showed that while Canada may be struggling on the TV-front it is doing quite well for itself in the gaming industry. When I attended the Game Developer’s Conference the weekend of March 11-14, I heard that Ubisoft was actually looking to expand its operations considerably. Using my own knowledge of the gaming industry, I think I was able to expand the topic a little from focusing just on TV to focusing on other aspects of a global media.

Other strong posts would be my Venezuela post with my final presentation blog post in juxtaposition to that and perhaps the Chinese; Land of the Dragon, which discusses structural aspects of government and censorship, which are topics I know a little bit about.

There are several posts within my blog which I would deem as weak, and I think the best example of this are the Telenovela posts I have written. Part of it has to do with my misunderstanding of the actual genre itself and quite a bit of it has to do with this assumption which I can’t seem to get away from that Telenovelas really are nothing more than glorified soap operas. I am very certain that the reason I wrote two blog posts about this topic was in an attempt to understand it a little bit better. In my latest post, however, I finally decided that I cannot seem to give Telenovelas a chance is because of the centralized part romance takes. I think I need to actually watch a Telenovela, though, before I can pass anymore judgment onto it, considering how different they are supposed to be from actual US Soap Operas.

My earliest posts in general could use more work and if I could start this whole thing over again, I would do my best to pick from my mind examples of precisely what I’m referring to and scour Youtube a lot more to help provide these examples. I am a visual learner and since my major is meant to specialize in media, it seems only natural to look for videos that reflect the point I am trying to get across.

Although, I very likely will not continue this blog after the class is over, I do feel I learned a more valuable lesson about the usefulness of blogs. The average person may not be the most knowledgeable, but the use of their free speech to spread their ideas, no matter how wrong or right I think they may be, is an important tool to utilize, particularly during this frustrating time in politics.


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