President Barack Obama

March 9, 2010

All politicians use the media to their advantage and the media cannot help but swarm all over like bees. Quite possibly the most famous and abhorred use of a photo opportunity would be this picture:

Photo op

When Sarah Palin first hit the scene, she knew next to nothing about making use of the media. Unfortunately she’s learning – must have hired a better coach – but thankfully that should not matter in the long run because she still won’t know enough to even have the opportunity to become within one position of the most powerful office in the country again. Not long after the election, Sarah Palin was interviewed while some man in the background strangled a turkey:

Stellar photo staging, Mrs. Palin!

As much in my first sentence, Republicans are not the only ones to manipulate media to their advantage (or disadvantage considering Palin’s gaffe) and there is quite possibly no other Democrat who can charm the media to his whims than President Barack Obama.

For those who are reading, this is neither criticism or praise of President Obama. I’m simply stating the facts, as it were, although it does help for Obama to come off in the best light when juxtaposed to the stubborn refusals of the Repulicans in their attempts to fix the country to their ideal. What I’m referring to is the luncheon with the Republicans a month ago, and then the Health Reform summit two weeks ago.

I will use clips from the Daily Show, partly because I watch these clips and know where to find them but also because the Daily Show has a much better track record of keeping situations in context than other news sources.

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Through most of our history, campaigning aside, the President has persisted on an air of civility and respect even when faced with his political opponents, for fear of presenting to the media a combative and stubborn front. However, Obama has the charisma and the youth to apparently get away with chastising his fellow politicians. The Republicans were not the only one to hear his ire; at the State of the Union address everyone was lectured for various reasons: the Dems for being spineless and letting the legislative majority slip and the Supreme Court for ruling that corporations can fund politicians.

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As much as some of us might laugh, the reporters and pundits are calling it a “trap” for a reason. At the GOP luncheon with President Obama, the Republicans had trouble coming across as anything other than stubborn and disconnected liars and opportunists. This Healthcare Reform summit seemed only another means with which Obama could throw a wrench into the Republicans’ apparent plan of keeping the legislation stagnating in Congress so that the lack of progress in fact reflects badly on the Democrats and the President. But by featuring this on national TV, it is mostly the Republicans who will look bad for roadblocking legislation.

And photos like this don’t hurt your Presidency either:
The Force is with you!


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