Alex Randall’s blog on Venezuela

March 1, 2010

I think you’re giving Hugo Chavez a little too much credit on his manipulation of the press. When someone like Chavez has been saying the same thing year after year, it’s quite a bit more like an automatic response rather than a genius twisting of the reporter’s question. Bush did this for eight years and I seriously doubt any one of us consider him amazing. He had help, obviously, but I think my point stands.

And Chavez did do a little bit of good there in his first couple of years, according to the article we read: “…the government launched…a series of social development initiatives including literacy programs, free medical care, and discount food markets for low-income Venezuelans” (pg 119). He did accomplish quite a bit at first, but as he continued to stay in power, he became lax and disconnected from the people, living in a complete bubble from the rest of Venezuelan, much like Bush was criticized of in the later years of his second term.

But, of course, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We pretty much agree from here on out: Chavez is now slowly but surely chipping away the last regulations that could remove him and disposing of any dissent. First step to tyranny.


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