China; Land of the Dragon

February 14, 2010

I felt it was fitting that I post this on their New Years Day. I actually went to the auditorium to watch the New Years performance the Chinese students were putting on and to support a friend. It was really quite entertaining.

That aside…China itself really confuses me. I don’t know how they do it, but I cannot reconcile their political system with their market. It’s communist, so everything should belong to the people on an equal level – or that’s what Marx devised – but they have a Capitalist society, which is pretty much in and of itself based on personal profit. What makes their government Communist? Well, as per a government other than capitalist, they pretty much control the media with an iron fist, and just about anyone making a living as a journalist or even a writer must fear for their freedom whenever they publish something. China has arrested more journalists in its country than any either this past year!

As I’m certain I mentioned before, I am a rather big proponent of freedom of speech. I certainly would not be writing this blog, unless it were to be a censored addition, if I didn’t in some ways support freedom of speech. It’s partly how I can reconcile supporting a system like the Capitalist system.

Capitalism is really, truly an ugly system. It seems to be founded mostly on the idea of making a profit, no matter whom you hurt or what negative effects it might have on the land or the government. Regulated Capitalism, like in this country, is pretty much the closest you can get to a pure capitalist society. It’s difficult to agree with the common man when you also recognize the evils of capitalism, but Communism is impossible and capitalism offers the highest quality of life for the greatest amount of people. The advances in technology in the past twenty years are staggering, and they are as a result of capitalism. The high quality in that technology and in everything else is also a result of capitalism: if you want the consumer to buy then you better have a good product or you won’t make any money.

…and I run off onto a tangent. Again. Hard not to when you’re talking about China and its political system. But while we’re talking about political systems:

I am supposed to believe that Tibet is a part of China. It seems now that we have satellites to improve communication around the world, not a single country has not gone undefined. There might still be some islands or kingdoms that have not permeated the general knowledge, but for the most part the lines are drawn and every country knows what land is theirs and what isn’t. But China just cannot seem to get over the fact that Tibet and Taiwan are supposed to be sovereign nations.

But, unfortunately, the United States’ hands are pretty much tied. I think privately we pretty much agree that Tibet is separate from China, but for fear of China asking us to pay our trillion dollar debt to them from imports keeps us from coming out and saying it.


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