February 7, 2010

No cheesy or even slightly clever titles today. I’ve got nothing.

I remember Hugo Chavez featured pretty heavily in the media during the tail end of the Bush years and I wonder where he’s gone since. I know there was a slight hullabaloo when Obama met him, but since he seems to have sunk back below the media’s eyesight he apparently doesn’t find Obama as much a threat as Bush.

When I first heard of Chavez, I remember he thought Bush might invade his country. As has been stated in many of my previous posts, I really don’t trust the U.S. media and they seemed to be painting him as a slightly threatening figure to the Bush administration so I took little stock in what they actually said. But very little else was reaching me about Venezuela. He didn’t seem very threatening, and the documentary in class pretty much confirmed my initial impressions of him:

A blustery, pompous man and that’s about it. He’s no real threat – to anybody – except perhaps the people in his country. I think just about everyone can agree that the Communist Manifesto looks great on paper, but once you actually try to enact it, everything just falls apart. People, and I speak of the species as a whole, just are not content with the bare minimum. There are always exceptions to the rule, but our natural instinct appears to be one that wants nothing more than to dominate over his neighbors. In the case of Americans, that usually quantifies as having more material goods than the next person.

I certainly cannot speak for Venezuela in this regard. I know very, very little about the country other than Hugo Chavez was actually democratically elected and it has some of the biggest oil reserves in the world. And from what I learned in the article the class had to read and the documentary we watched, he was not an entirely bad leader. It brought most of the people out of poverty and even made the country largely literate. That’s something to admire, but it appears from the end of the documentary that his time as the leader of Venezuela is likely waning.

Now, to clumsily segue into the potential article for this, Hugo Chavez – and this is going to sound very bizarre – reminds me of Sarah Palin.

Oh Palin. Could someone please knock her off the stage already? She still knows nothing about politics! If the Tea Party actually considers her a leader and is willing to follow her then they need to wake up from their dream.

Obama was hammered throughout his campaign for having so little experience in a national office. What does Palin have in the way of experience? She was a small town mayor. That’s it! She didn’t even complete her first term of office as governor of Alaska!

All pomp and bluster and knowing very little about international politics let alone national politics. Hillary Clinton had brains and experience and I still didn’t want to see her in office.

At least Obama is a constitutional lawyer and knows the limits of his power. Can’t say the same for Bush and definitely not Palin.

And yet here is another instance of Hugo Chavez attempting to get a rise out of the US.

Only a week earlier, he had been accused by Spain for plotting with ex-Rebels to assassinate the President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. I just spent twenty minutes trying to find the article that covers it, but apparently CNN no longer covers Hugo Chavez, however the presumed attacks were mentioned in the link above.


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