Canada, O Canada

February 7, 2010

I’ve only been there a couple of times and each time just briefly. Niagara Falls was beautiful though, but rumors of the absolute blistering cold there means I’ll likely only ever visit there in the summer time.

I have a couple of friends in Canada and the article we had to read described virtually what I had already suspected. I knew Quebec was largely French-speaking, but I was a little surprised to hear that French is still very much a widely used language up there. One of my friends did say that all government officials had to be fluent in it if they wanted a job. I definitely admire their efforts to keep both languages alive in the country, though I can imagine it’s a little difficult.

And it’s probably made twice as difficult by a media powerhouse like the United States constantly muscling in on their airwaves. This has been discussed before, but media from the United States, particularly blockbuster hits, seems to proliferate the rest of the world while we only get the bare minimum of foreign films. I still kind of wish we got more. Loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Its spiritual predecessors were good, too, but not quite to the degree that I loved the first movie. Hero comes a close second though.

Pan’s Labyrinth was amazing, too. Now if only I could get over the violence in that movie. There wasn’t even that much, but it just barely squeaked past my usual threshold. Seen it twice and I’ll probably see it one more time.

Now Degrassi – I know it’s a TV show and this is a leap! – I had never even heard of that show and apparently it’s Canadian and it’s actually quite big in Global Syndication. Only thing is I’ll probably gouge my eyes out before I watch it. If it talks like The OC and walks like The OC then I’ll flip to the next channel.

I never have quite understood this unbelievable fascination with soaps. I suppose it’s the reason why I found myself able to watch Fullhouse the other day when my roommate was in control of the TV. I can’t believe I used to watch that show when I was young and there was enough cheese to melt the screen! But it’s at least a watered down soap at best. I guess it’s nice and consistent that I don’t read crappy romance novels either. I’ll watch Firefly – still haven’t seen it! – before I watch something akin to Degrassi.

I abandoned reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time after it started turning into its own soap opera. I just read the cliff notes version of Twilight and I thought my brain was going to start running out of my ears in a liquefied mush after the eyesore of those novels.

I think it’s pretty easy to see I’m a Sci-Fi/Fantasy girl. Tasteful romance intermixed is great, just watch out for the goop.


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