1984 in Italy

January 26, 2010

The article “Italian Democracy Gone Mad” by Hibberd is actually the second reason why I think a government funded media is a bad idea. If the British government ever pulled their funding from the BBC, I imagine it would still do pretty good since it has profitable networks and seems to be a standard in the overall broadcasting.

It’s clear, though, that if the parties in Italy decided it didn’t like the programming on their networks, they could easily cut the flow of money and leave the national broadcasting high and dry. So all you ever seem to get on such networks are sycophants who don’t want to lose their jobs and instead willingly spout the ideology of the party in charge. Always bias and always bad for informed citizens.

I think the example of Silvio Berlusconi as the Prime Minister is example enough of such actions; he’s so powerful he pretty much controls the two main networks in Italy. Absolutely insane.

Fox News, MSNBC, CNN: I don’t like any of them. I never watch, I read. Articles seem to be a little bit more reliable, and the editorials from the actual stories are labeled so I shouldn’t have to worry about spun information as much as if I was watching an anchor.

Still, I don’t think any of those are anywhere near the level Italy’s media likely is – okay, Fox News might be but no big loss. They were crazy anyway.

Silvio Berlusconi and his multiple corruption cases:
CNN Video

Tax Fraud case


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