BBC History

January 24, 2010

They don’t have a channel for that yet, but I guess it’s only a matter of time.

I knew British culture was considerably different from American culture. It certainly cannot be mistaken for a second America – or first depending on who you are, but I still cannot get over the fact that the BBC is largely funded by the government. It seems to be more of a non-profit organization that does not sink to commercial advertising.

At least it did before it created a channel here in the States(so when it’s called BBC America, does it refer to Canada and Mexico too?). Now it’s both a profit organization and not, but the fact that it is attempting to compete in the global market with government backing is grossly unfair. Yes, I know that the government grants are for local channels only, but when you break it down the BBC wouldn’t be where it is today if the government hadn’t gotten it up and running. Although, who really knows? It could very well be, but the point is the government is backing it. Governments always seem to have a limitless supply of money on hand.

I think taking a look at my own countries astronomical debt and yet it still has money to burn! They’re certainly not going to get turned down for a loan like the rest of us poor saps if we defaulted that much. This very much reminds me of our economic crisis and giving billions of dollars to financial institutions that sunk the economy to begin with. I certainly did not like it then and I do not like it now, but I’m not an economist. I can’t think of a better plan. Give the entire 300 million of our population money to go out and buy things? If we were smart, we’d put most of it in the bank and sit on it.

But I digress. About the only thing I care about with BBC America – once I start watching it. It’s still not a habit – is the news network. None of the other new networks in the United States can be relied upon. I don’t trust any of them with news from the government, which they always seem to put a slightly political slant to.

At least the BBC shouldn’t have qualms about stupid ideals like nationalism.

…And what’s more nationalistic than listening to Fox News? There actually was some good that came out of Fox News earlier this week. Shocker of all shockers, Jon Stewart made another appearance on the O’Reilly Factor and Fox actually posted the entire interview on-line. What’s sad is that we’re surprised they posted it on-line. They’re supposed to be ‘fair and balanced’ news network? It shouldn’t have been edited to begin with, but as Jon Stewart says “it didn’t fit their narrative.” I have to wonder if the GOP isn’t giving Rupert Murdoch money to be their spin machine.

The entire interview can see be seen here. Jon Stewart spends the first five minutes exposing the obvious Fox hypocrisy. …And I have no doubt Fox News edited that out. Oh well, the more who see it the merrier everyone will be.


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